COVID-19 Status Update - Casey's Pond

COVID-19 Status Update

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended last week that certain people receive a 2nd dose booster (either their 3rd shot if they received J & J or 4th shot with the other vaccines.) People older than 50 years old and some immune compromised groups should consider receiving the second booster at least four months after their first booster dose. The CDC has provided this grid to help everyone determine their eligibility for the 2nd booster and when they should plan to get one.

All communities that we are responsible for have scheduled additional booster clinics in April to help residents and qualifying team members get the 2nd booster when they are eligible. Please talk to your community Executive Director or concierge about when the clinic for your community is scheduled.  As you can see from the study data release in January listed below, we are Better with Boosters and will continue to make vaccines and boosters conveniently available in our communities with the support of our pharmacy partners.


Latest Vaccine Information

Vaccination Update: 7/1/21

The last couple of weeks of navigating a new wave of requirements due to the Delta variant has brought into clear focus that the time is nearing for us to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine in our community. Learn more about this decision under Latest Updates.


A full and bustling dining room with laughter rising above the clank of silverware. A life-enrichment outing with every seat on the bus filled. A daughter having a quiet afternoon tea time with her mom. These are all things we long to hear and see in our community. As vaccination rates continue to improve we are working towards a phased re-opening to our community, to get back to pre-pandemic life, but with health and safety in mind.

At Casey’s Pond, we have a combined resident and team member vaccination rate of 87%.

As we await more direction from our federally and state-regulated neighborhoods of assisted living and skilled nursing, our clinical and operational teams have outlined how we can safely re-open our residential living (independent living) neighborhoods. Our approach continues to be a balance between health and happiness. We are committed to following best practices and proven virus mitigation protocols while expanding community life when it is safe to do so.

This grid is broken into an early phase three and a late phase three opening plan. As you can see at the top, everything depends on the combined vaccination rate of the community. Our community is working towards this plan, we have already made some changes in some areas. It may take us a little bit longer in other areas. Our commitment is to reach full re-opening of our community within the same standards as our surrounding community. We will do so cautiously as the health and well-being of everyone who lives and works at Casey’s Pond are paramount. As is spreading more joy and a return to normalcy for our vibrant community afforded us with our increasing vaccination rate. For more information about a specific area of interest, give us a call at (970) 329-2709.

Click to view grid.


Our second COVID-19 Vaccine clinic for the Doak Walker skilled nursing neighborhood will be Tuesday, January 19th and for the Grove, Harbor and Veranda neighborhoods the second clinic will be Monday, January 25th.

Second Doak Walker Vaccine Clinic Date

Tuesday, January 19th

8-11am & 1-3pm


Second Assisted Living Vaccine Clinic Date

Monday, January 25th

starts at 8:30am



First Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Now To Include Assisted Living and Residential Living Residents and Associates!

We have more exciting news to share!  We had initially anticipated the vaccine to be for our skilled nursing residents on Monday, however, we have learned that the vaccine will be available for assisted living and residential living residents, as well as associates in those neighborhoods.  Walgreens will still plan to offer the vaccinations to skilled nursing residents while Routt County Health Department and Lyon’s Corner Drug will service the other neighborhoods.  We will continue to keep you up to date on the latest developments as this is a fluid situation.

I cannot say enough about how proud I am of this community of residents for reaching 100% compliance with our vaccine consent forms. We are poised and ready to act fast as soon as we have more vaccine. THANK YOU!

With the holidays this week, I feel especially blessed to be part of Casey’s Pond and the Routt County community. This has been a difficult year, but there is hope on the horizon.

See today’s blog for the Steamboat Pilot’s latest on vaccination efforts in the community and photos of our team members getting vaccinated!


First Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Given at Casey’s Pond!

It has been an exciting 24 hours for us here at Casey’s Pond. Thanks to the generosity of UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center and Dr. Brian Harrington, Roberta Smith, and Brooke Maxwell with the Routt County Health Department, 40 of our front-line team members received their first round dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine! It feels like an early Christmas today. We are finally seeing the light at the end of our COVID tunnel! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.
We continue to receive updates from Walgreens Pharmacy our vaccine clinic partner. As of today we still anticipate having our first full day clinics on Monday and Tuesday December 28th and 29th.

However, due to the limited supply, they anticipate only being able to vaccinate skilled nursing residents and team members who work in the Doak Walker neighborhood. Vaccinations for assisted living and residential living may be at a later date. The situation is very fluid and we continue to advocate for all residents and team members to receive the vaccine as soon as possible. We will keep you up to date on the latest vaccine developments.

I cannot say enough about how proud I am of this community of residents and team members for reaching 100% compliance with our vaccine consent forms. We are poised and ready to act fast as soon as we have more vaccine. THANK YOU!

With the holidays this week, I feel especially blessed to be part of Casey’s Pond and the Routt County community. This has been a difficult year, but there is hope on the horizon.


We are thrilled to share the good news with you that our Walgreens Pharmacy partner has set our first COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic where we will receive the Pfizer vaccine.

Walgreens Pharmacy partner has set our first COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic where we will receive the Pfizer vaccine.

We anticipate the clinic to run for nine hours on the 28th with the potential of a second day on the 29th. We are still working on the details but our goal is to have all residents and team members of the community vaccinated with this first clinic.

We encourage everyone in our community to get the vaccine. We must reach a “herd immunity” both within our senior living community and in the broader community we are located for life to eventually return to normal.

  • The vaccine will begin to provide you protection about two weeks after your second vaccination.
  • If you are vaccinated, you are being a good neighbor and protecting others by getting the vaccine.
  • The more quickly we all are vaccinated, the faster we can begin to loosen restrictions and connect in person with each other again.
  • Until we reach a high percentage vaccination rate, we will all still need to continue wearing masks, socially distancing, and washing our hands.

Many of you are eager to get the vaccine and put an end to this pandemic. Safety is top priority for not only our community but also for all of the scientists and health experts working on the vaccination effort. Like any vaccine, there may be minor side effects such as soreness, achiness, and potentially low-grade fever. A small number of people experience more series side effects, but the percentages are low, and typically related to history of anaphylactic allergic reactions. We have a lot of useful information on our website and links to scientifically proven data. Please take the time to learn more about the vaccine.

Please get ready now. We have the majority of resident and team member consent forms. If you haven’t turned one it yet, please do as soon as possible.

We will need a current copy of each resident and employee insurance card. If you do not have one, please get one. The vaccine is free, however insurance may be charged for supplies and injection administration. If you do not have insurance, you will not be charged.

We are excited about this good news. We hope you are too!

COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Plans

Find our latest information on the vaccine here.

Frequently Asked Questions | 12.3.20

This Frequently Asked Questions document is intended to give information to residents, families, team members, and the general community regarding the status of rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine in our communities. Information is changing daily. There are times the federal directive and state directives are different. Christian Living Communities (CLC) – Cappella Living Solutions is committed to providing accurate information as timely as possible. This document will be updated and available as changes warrant. For vaccine-specific information, we request the CDC documents be shared.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has prioritized older adults and people working in Long-Term Care to be part of the first-tier to receive the vaccine. Will my loved one’s Community be included?

All CLC-Cappella communities are registered with the Pharmacy Partnership for Long Term Care Initiative to be part of the vaccine’s first-tier distribution. At the moment, we believe this will include team members and residents of skilled nursing and assisted living communities. We are waiting to hear if residential (independent) living residents/team members will also be included in the first-tier distribution.

Where does the vaccine approval currently stand

Now that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been approved, the federal government has begun distribution to the states for inoculations. Each state will then set a state-specific timeline and process for vaccine distribution and administration. We anticipate all of the states we support will follow the CDC tier guidelines for prioritizing who will receive the vaccine first, but that has not been firmly confirmed.

Once the states get the vaccine, how will it be distributed to Long-Term Care?

These are some of the details still being worked out. At this point, because all of our communities are registered in the federal pharmacy partnership, we will receive the vaccine through either CVS or Walgreens pharmacy or both. We anticipate the pharmacy teams coming to our communities to administer the vaccines to residents, working closely with our clinical teams. We are awaiting more details regarding team member vaccination.

How will the vaccine be rolled out in our Community?

We will begin by educating residents, families, and team members. The CDC has provided some information sheets that will be distributed and posted on websites to answer questions specifically around vaccine development, safety, and why getting the vaccine is beneficial. We will work with our assigned pharmacy, who will store, distribute, administered the vaccine. We anticipate the pharmacy will set up clinic dates and times for resident vaccinations. The pharmacies will also document and report our vaccine administration progress.

Once residents and team members are vaccinated, will restrictions be lifted?

Not immediately, but that is the goal. It will take time for the two-step vaccine process to be fully implemented therefore, we will still need to wear masks, socially distance, and follow clinical protocols until the Community and the surrounding cities and towns reach a majority of people being vaccinated. It takes up to two weeks after the second dose of the vaccine for each person to benefit from its protection.

What if my loved one or a team member refuses to be vaccinated?

The CLC-Cappella team is working to determine what options if any, will be offered to those refusing the vaccination. We will share more information when it’s available.

For vaccine-specific questions, please refer to the CDC handouts.

Vaccine Fact or Fiction Video

All of the COVID and vaccine information can be confusing. On December 15th, Jill Vitale-Aussem, President and CEO of Casey’s Pond’s parent organization, Christian Living Communities or Cappella Living Solutions, hosted a Facebook live event with two clinical experts, CLC Medical Director Dr. Erick Gomer, MD, and VP of Clinical and Compliance Pat McBride, RN, BSN, MSN. During their conversation, they separated out the facts and fiction about the COVID-19 pandemic, the vaccines, and boosters, and shared what we are doing to balance health and happiness in our communities.

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