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Casey’s Pond Celebrates a Century of Wisdom

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100th year residents

Posted: October 30, 2023

Casey’s Pond, a senior independent living community surrounded by picturesque mountains in the heart of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is excited to celebrate an achievement in longevity. Three of our residents are crossing the threshold of 100 years of age, which shows the vibrant and nurturing lifestyle at Casey’s Pond.

These centenarians embody the spirit of resilience, wisdom, and vitality. Their stories are a testament to the exceptional care and thriving community at Casey’s Pond. All three residents have a unique journey filled with memories and experiences that span the decades.Birthday trio shaking hands Oct 2023 1024x805

Among the residents are:

  • Arlene Stolen, teacher and grandmother
  • Trudy Lampert, teacher and lover of the arts
  • Ralph Boggs, distinguished WWII navy Veteran, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather to a wonderful Colorado family

Each resident’s family is proud and excited to celebrate their longevity and contribution to the community culture at Casey’s Pond.

“We are extremely proud to have such incredible residents who have reached this monumental milestone,” said Melissa Lahay, director of sales and marketing at Casey’s Pond. “Their stories inspire us all, and we are privileged to be a part of their journey. These achievements are a testament to the exceptional care and sense of community we provide here.”


Senior Independent Living in Steamboat Springs

Casey’s Pond is a welcoming, continuing care, nonprofit senior living community offering carefree living and on-site health care. With engaging activities, concierge-style services, restaurant dining, a café, and an outdoor patio—all in the spectacular setting of the Yampa Valley—this community offers opportunities to live life to its fullest.

Casey Pond on the lakeThe community provides all levels of living: independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation. Residents and staff focus on a wellness and active longevity culture by finding purpose and passion in daily life, offering well-balanced and nutritious meals, and staying connected. Residents also stay physically active with activities such as skiing, fishing, biking, yoga, golf, tennis, and more—both on- and off-site.

In addition to the recently announced centenarians at Casey’s Pond, the Yampa Valley is home to a high percentage of actively aging people. According to a senior population trends analysis published by Newgeography in February, Steamboat Springs has seen an increase of 80 percent in its senior population in the past few years, ranking it first in the nation with the biggest gains in this demographic. Not all seniors are choosing to live their retirement years by migrating south.

So what is the secret to living a long and healthy life? Is it genetics? Is it the active lifestyle most moved to the Yampa Valley to enjoy? Most research suggests genetics are responsible for only 20 to 30 percent of potential lifespan, leaving 70 to 80 percent up to lifestyle.

Explorer, journalist, and bestselling author Dan Buettner and National Geographic may have some answers. Their research identified five communities across the globe where people are living the longest. These areas are labeled as blue zones.


What Are Blue Zones?

The blue zones designated by Buettner’s research are specific regions around the world where people tend to live longer and healthier lives compared to the global average. According to the research, several factors contribute to the longevity observed in blue zones, including the following:

  • Diet. Blue zone residents often follow plant-based diets rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. They typically consume small amounts of meat and processed foods. This type of diet is associated with lower rates of chronic diseases and a longer lifespan.
  • Physical activity. People in blue zones engage in regular, moderate-intensity physical activity. They incorporate physical movement into their daily lives through activities such as gardening, walking, and manual labor.
  • Social connections. Strong social networks and close-knit communities are standard in blue zones. Social connections provide emotional support, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. Loneliness and social isolation impact mental and physical well-being and are associated with a higher risk of health issues.
  • Purpose and meaning. Having a sense of purpose and a reason to get up in the morning is vital in blue zones. This contributes to mental and emotional well-being, reducing the adverse effects of stress.
  • Community engagement. Active engagement in their community and participation in local traditions and festivals are often part of the blue zone lifestyle. This fosters a sense of belonging and purpose.

Although it varies from study to study, Colorado life expectancy generally ranks 7th or 11th in the nation, with an average of around 80.2 years. Buettner says that mountain towns such as Steamboat Springs tend to attract people from other places seeking a healthy lifestyle and connected community. These areas are places where “the active choice is the easy choice.”


An Active Retirement Lifestyle in Steamboat Springs

Caseys Pond Arlen Stolen birthday August 2023 1024x593At Casey’s Pond, our mission is all about enhancing the quality of life for our cherished older adults. We’re committed to working closely with families to empower each resident to achieve their highest potential, ensuring they live their best lives, regardless of age.

Our approach goes beyond merely providing engaging activities; it’s about cultivating a culture that promotes purpose and encourages lifestyle choices to help you enjoy a long and vibrant life. We’ve drawn inspiration from the principles highlighted in Buettner’s books on blue zones, which have become the cornerstone of the culture and lifestyle here. Living at Casey’s Pond is like embarking on life’s next great adventure!

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